Curriculum Vitae

Richard E. Steele, MD, MPH, PDC
Board Certified Specialist in Public Health Medicine
Updated as of Feb 1, 2006


Address: Tyttebaervej 26, Sejs, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark Phone: +45 87 244025 or +45 22 161923 FAX: +45 87 244026 Email:
Profession: Medical doctor, health services research and development, health services administration and health personnel development.
Year of birth: 1952 Nationality/citizenship: USA

Current activities:

Owner of Ricktig Consult and Medical Director of two clinics: RCT-Mobil Aps and Klinikken LIVET Aps. Consulting with Danish counties in the field of social medicine, contracts in the fields of education, health information systems, IT and health and sale of health promoting products.

Overview of capabilities:

- Business establishment, management and quality development

- Clinical medicine, clinical input to policy questions, prevention strategies (Danish MD, no U.S. medical license)

- Managed care policy analysis and synthesis in US and European settings, MIS strategy development (extensive PC and moderate mainframe experience), quality development, personnel incentive structures

- Medical and public health educational policy and implementation, curriculum development and evaluation

- Public health and health systems evaluation, international comparison

- Personnel management and development, crisis management

- Planning, running and following up on workshops, seminars, and conferences



1980 LTBS (Denmark, technical lab degree in microbiology)
1986 Medical Doctor, (Denmark) Aarhus University
1990 Master of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, health services research and development
1991 Postdoctoral certificate, Johns Hopkins University, center for health services research and development, quantitative policy analysis, comparative services research, health systems and personnel development



1984 4 week study module at McMaster University Health Science faculty; training in problem based learning

1986 6 week training/planning period at WHO headquarters, Geneva, in health services leadership training (WHO internship)

Numerous short courses in relevant clinical, management and health services research areas



Biographee in Who's Who in the World, Council Member in Paracelsus Foundation for Clinical Epidemiology, Member of New York Academy of Sciences, American Public Health Association, Danish Medical Association, International Union for Circumpolar Health, reviewer for "Education for Health"

Awards totaling approx. US$750,000 for R&D work



Prior to medical education: various jobs and extensive travels. Started University studies in 1980. Med school in Denmark through 1986, finished med school in record time. Through 1996, the variety of job and educational elements make best sense when viewed as elements of specialist development. Certification in social and administrative medicine obtained in July, 1996.

01-05-86:31-08-88: Clinical med/surg turnus and residency in immunology/internal medicine, DK

01-09-88:31-06-89: Medical Advisor, Health Informatics Coordinator, Funen District Health Authority (DK), Strategy & Development Unit, developed and began implementation of plans for region-wide informatics user system, developed plans for managed care in a public setting later developed into a pilot project

01-10-90:25-03-91: Johns Hopkins University, contracts with US gov. in pub. health ed. strategy development and implementation, university/agency linkages in education and technical assistance (process consultant for the CDC/HRSA Public Health Faculty/Agency Forum and member of the Health Services Administration group), health agency capacity measurement, prime mover of 1991 renovation process for public health education at Hopkins, helped plan and run the 1990 Hopkins AIDS conference

26-03-91:30-08-91: US Government, Division of Allied, Dental and Public Health Professions, Bureau of Health Professions, Department of Health and Human Services, development of plans for competency based educational thrusts in public health education, developed plan for "one-stop shopping" health service demonstration project as laboratory for competency based public health education

01-09-91:31-12-92: Project Director (Shadow Director), Project HOPE (stationed in Krakow, Poland). Facilitation of development of new school of public health, curriculum design and faculty development, consulting with Ministry of Health on health system development, consulting regional institutions on management development and health services research

01-10-92:31-03-93: Contract to do a feasibility study for a Danish consortium attempting to establish a non-profit export firm to develop hospital information systems designed to increase the ability of the hospitals in Eastern Europe to plan proactively and assess their performance. Contract included funds for hiring of local personnel and running of program office.

01-04-93:310794: Surgical resident, Skive Community Hospital, general surgery, medical residents chair

01-08-94:31-07-95: Surgical resident, Viborg Central Hospital, Orthopedic/Trauma Department, Medical Residents Chair

01-07-95:30-09-96: Medical Advisor, Greenland Home Rule Government, Dept. of Health, Environment and Research. Duties included setting of and implementation of health system information gathering and analysis, government advice on health matters, vaccination management

01-10-96:30-09-97: Chief Medical Officer, Greenland Home Rule Government. Responsibilities included system oversight, quality assessment, health professional oversight, complaint ruling, vital and other statistics

01-10-97:30-04-00: House Officer, Internal medicine, Horsens Community Hospital. Since 1998 entrepreneur behind Co-Rick-t Consult with full time commitment from 01-05-00.



Coordinator of the Aarhus University medical school clinical symposia for first year medical students fall semester 1984, and both semesters 1985

Sep, 1991 to Jan, 1993: senior lecturer in health services administration, Krakow School of Public Health

23 national and international workshops (2-3 days) in collaboration with WHO, universities, national governments other institutions in the fields of health manpower planning, medical, public health and health services management education and quality development in health services.

Numerous invited lectures, seminars and presentations at universities and governmental as well as quasi-governmental institutions (full list available on request).

Total lecture/confrontation hours approx 1000. Active educationally in every position held to date. Experience with all educational forms from individual tutor/mentor to large lecture hall presentations and every mode in between. Highly expert in educational planning, methodology and evaluation; my favorite educational form is the small group learning method.



1982-86: Official delegate of the Danish Medical Students' Int'l Committee to the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)

1983-85: Regional Coordinator for medical education and WHO liaison, European Region, IFMSA. Responsible for fundraising (approx. USD 25000 yearly), organization, linkage and collaborative development with universities and other relevant organizations, development and editing of policy documents

1983-89: Member of the steering committee, Danish Committee for Health Personnel Education

1985-86: Director, Standing Committee on Medical Education (SCOME), IFMSA. Responsible for fundraising (approx. USD 45000 yearly), organizing and presiding over yearly international meetings (73 national member associations), drafting of policy documents and administration of the secretariat, furthermore functioned as advisor to the new director from 1986-87

1987-89: Member of the medical residents' board, Odense University Hospital, founder and chairman of medical informatics group: "Computer Applications at OU Hospital" (translated), developed an active user club to improve computer literacy of medical personnel

1987-89: Member of the IUHE/WHO core group under International Union of Health Education, European Region, integration of health education into undergraduate medical education in Europe

1987-89: Member of the Danish Board of Health ad hoc committee on standardization of databases in Denmark in the public health field



From 1982 forward: Consultancies for WHO, governments of Denmark, Poland and US, State of NY, regions of Viborg, Vejle and Funen (Denmark), US HRSA and CDC, Johns Hopkins University and various public and private institutions in the fields of health manpower evaluation and development, health policy operationalization, conference planning and administration, and health promotion and education. See also under current activities.



Invitee/speaker at numerous national and international conferences in the fields of health manpower planning, medical, public health and health services management education and quality development in health services



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