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Rick Steele

Co-Rick-t Consult is a firm started in 1998. The entrepreneur, Rick Steele, has been all over the world getting things in health care in gear and going. It has long been clear that the need for high quality consulting in health care far outstrips the available expertise, in that the qualified professional with roots in clinical medicine and management is a rare breed that by no means yet is out of the endangered species zone.

During the last months of 1997, so many contacts had been made asking for assistance that starting a firm was the only logical next step. Co-Rick-t is incorporated in Denmark, where Dr. Steele currently resides. The staff are carefully selected on the basis of their attitude and capabilities - can do and with a profile unusual in its evidence of development. We do not shun problems, on the contrary, that is our metier. Any problem can be turned into a challenge which will turn your personnel on and deliver the best they can give rather than their resistance. If you are a survivor but are in need of more expertise, Co-Rick-t is your partner.

Our work is guaranteed, if you are not satisfied that the work does not satisfy the conditions of the contract, our work is free. Got a problem?

Rick Steele, MD, MPH, PDC, BCSPHM, Tyttebærvej 26, Sejs, 8600 Silkeborg, Phone: +45 87 244025, Fax: +45 87 244026, E-mail: steele@ricktig.dk