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Nu-teck tires from are produced utilizing state of the art technology. Nu-Teck tires from are made from 100% recyclable materials and are garanteed not to puncture. Our tires have numerous advantages over the usual kevlar tires. In the long run, Nu-Teck tires are cheaper and environmtally sound as well as more comfotable in daily use. Our Nu-Teck puncture proof bicycle tires are completely safe and secure under all conditions yet give nearly the same ride you are used to. Take a tour around this page to see more about our puncture proof bicycle tires.

Imagine a bicycle tire impervious to rusty nails, broken glass sharp rocks, thorns. Dream on you say! Nu-Teck Corporation, of Englewood, Colorado, has introduced a line of flat-proof, leak-proof and maintenance free tires. No way, you say? Here’s how…each tire is made of hundreds of thousands of microscopic air cells trapped in a matrix of incredibly tough polyurethane. The result is a tire that is amazingly light-weight, incredibly durable and easier to roll than ordinary rubber tires. Never dread rusty nails, broken glass and thorns again! Your kids will never have the air let out of their tires, for there is no valve. Nu-Teck tires are currently available for most bicycles, wheelchairs, some lawn and garden applications at competitive prices. Buy these tires, throw away your patches, lose your pump, forget about CO
2 and never worry about flats again!

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General information about the tires  

Micro-Cellular Polyurethane tires are designed to be the most technically advanced tires ever developed, utilizing a versatile, state-of-the-art production process.  The revolutionary process used is unique and produces the excellent and unsurpassed quality tires.

The following elaborates on some of these unique qualities:

Micro-Cellular tires are uniform, efficient, free of imperfections generally found in the common rubber tire.

Micro-Cellular tires are manufactured from synthetic materials in combination and are not susceptible to breakdown from climatic conditions, chemical hazards, weather, etc.

Micro-Cellular tires are typically lighter than the conventional rubber tires and tube and rim band.

Micro-Cellular tires are extremely strong, durable and wear-resistant exceeding the wear co-efficient of rubber tires by up to 200%-300%.

Micro-Cellular tires provide a feel of soft air-cushioned ride yet they are airless, flat proof, leak proof and virtually maintenance free.

Micro-Cellular tires are absolutely non-marking, so keeping your bike inside is OK.

Micro-Cellular tires are fully cast, self skinned and mount easily and quickly on most standard rims with inexpensive mounting tools. The tires will not roll off even under the most rigorous riding conditions.

Micro-Cellular tires are competitively priced with regular rubber tires and “thorn-proof” tubes.

With the shortage of rubber, micro-cellular tires are an attractive alternative.

The material from the tires, when worn out, are recyclable for use in other products; e.g. door mats, truck bed liners, etc.

A tire that’s guaranteed to never go flat!!

The tire is made from micro-cellular polyurethane and with a process that is clean and virtually without waste. The chemical production of polyurethane for the casting of Nu-Teck tires are non carcinogenic and non-toxic and does not pollute the environment. When Nu-Teck tires are worn-out, they can be ground down and the materials reused in the making of new tires.

The tires are manufactured with a unique process using specially formulated high quality micro-cellular polyurethane chemicals.

Each Nu-Teck tire consists of hundreds of thousands of microscopic air cells trapped in a matrix of incredibly tough polyurethane rubber.  The production method uses centrifugal force to drive the  liquid formulation into every area of the mold, giving a high compact outer surface free of air bubbles and a softer inner core. This technology has reduced tire waste to less than five percent (the product waste for normal rubber tire technology runs from 8 to 15 percent).  Nu-Teck tires are manufactured in an environmentally sound way. The centrifugal technology involves a clean, non-carcinogenic process that does not release toxins into the atmosphere.  When Nu-Teck tires are worn-out they can be recycled. Rubber tires are virtually impossible to dispose of without causing  environmental harm.


Weight - equal to or less than pneumatic tire and tube and rim band.

High resistance to wear and tear. Laboratory tests have shown an expected life span of from two to three times longer than a rubber tire.

A wide range of tire “pressures” can be made available (from 30 to 175 psi) to provide the riding quality and firmness normally associated with rubber pneumatic tires.

All Nu-Teck tires are made to snap on to the most common rims.

Nu-Teck tires install easily in a few minutes with our tool. They don’t roll off - even under the most rigorous conditions.

Nu-Teck tires performed as well or better than pneumatic tires in tests performed by an independent testing laboratory.



When properly installed all Nu-Teck airless tires are unconditionally guaranteed to be absolutely puncture-proof – if you puncture, you will be offered a new tire free or your money back, no questions asked.

In addition, all Nu-Teck tires are guaranteed for a period of two years against cracking, rotting, mildew and corrosion.

This warranty presumes normal riding and is not limited to any area or region where the tire is ridden. Nu-Teck is not responsible for "flat spots" created by undue or hard usage of the bicycle brakes


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